Textile Factory in Kayseri

August 5, 2015

archjournal-ruТекстильная фабрика в Кайсери
Burak Asiliskender, Elena Zabelina
Архитектура, Строительство, Дизайн (Architecture, Building Design)

An integrated textile factory in Kayseri (Turkey) was designed by an outstanding representative of the Russian architectural avant-garde, one of the founders of the national industrial architecture Ivan Nikolaev, and was erected in 1935 under his supervision. The project took into account the needed infrastructure, industrial zone and residential areas, the administrative center, educational institutions, sites for sports and recreation. A considerable part of the unique facilities was preserved thanks to the efforts of the Turkish branch of DOCOMOMO. In 2012, managers of Abdullah Gül University made a decision to restore the settlement and to transform it into a university campus.

Асилискендер, Б., Забелина, E. 2015. “Текстильная фабрика в Кайсери”, Архитектура, Строительство, Дизайн no:02(79)-2015, 72-77, Москва. ISSN: 1990-9942

Asiliskender, B., Zabelina, E. 2015. “Textile Factory in Kayseri”, Architecture, Building Design Journal legal successor “Architecture of the USSR”, no:02(79)-2015, pp.72-77, Moscow, Russia. ISSN: 1990-9942



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