From Industrial Site to University Campus; Sümerbank Kayseri Textile Factory

September 12, 2014

It is hard to create a general public opinion for the conservation of modern and industrial heritage such as the Sümerbank Site. On account of these, AGU docomomo49Sümer Campus renovation is a unique example on handling treatments on modern heritage. While there were numerous troubles and difficulties, damages and demolishment, the site survives with its unique characteristics. On the other hand, there has been a sense of belonging resulting from its former labourers and their families, which was the key protection component. While the preservation arguments or registration process was based on the idea of that Sümerbank Kayseri Settlement was the significant masterpieces of the Turkish modernization process, the chief protector has been that ideology of belonging sense, which has been encouraged by the volunteers’ assistance. This leading attempt on managing the change could be comprehended as a milestone on the conservation of modern and industrial heritage in Turkey.

Asiliskender, B. 2014. “From Industrial Site to University Campus. Sümerbank Kayseri Textile Factory”, docomomo Journal, 49-2013/2, pp.86-89, Barcelona. ISSN: 1380/3204


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