Stone Clad Timber Floor Systems and Stone Masonry Projections with Timber Beams and Supports

June 5, 2014

History, Problems and Restoration

Nilüfer Baturayoğlu Yöney, Burak Asiliskender, Nur Urfalıoglu / AGÜ

9th International Symposium on the Conservation of Monuments in the Mediterranean Basin
June 3-5, 2014, METU, Ankara.

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Stone clad timber floor systems and stone masonry projections with timber beams and supports are interesting architectural elements seen in and around Kayseri. They more frequently appear in larger and more complex residence types. The grand projections on the building façades create architectural masterworks where the timber elements are exposed within the stone masonry. Interior floor and roof systems in timber are not visible from the outside and the beams are only exposed underneath the floors. The integration of timber floor systems with stone masonry is not unique to Kayseri area in Turkey but the use of stone cladding on timber floors and the use of timber beams and supports for masonry projections on façades is characteristic. This unusual arrangement must result from the usual trinity of architectural requirements: structural system, available materials and architectural form. In other words, the availability of limited timber and abundant stone led to an architecture that combines them.

However, the use of timber in stone masonry becomes problematic especially in old, unused examples. Timber beams and supports underneath the stone masonry projections weather rapidly, causing structural deformations underneath the projections when they lose their load bearing capacity. Timber floor systems are comparatively better preserved as long as the roofs remain intact although the weight of the stone cladding on timber beams often causes structural problems. It is very important that these timber elements as well as characteristic structural systems are preserved in restoration, structural strengthening and reconstruction projects, and inappropriate applications and interventions are prevented.

MONUBASIN 9 Scientific-Program


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