How The Global Issues Become The Core Of The Architectural Education?

April 3, 2014

An Integrated Approach By AGÜ School Of Architecture

Ahmet Erdem Tozoglu, Burak Asiliskender, Nilüfer Baturayoğlu Yöney / AGÜ uiae_logo

UIAE, International Conference
Unspoken Issues in Architectural Education
April 3-4, 2014, Eastern Mediterranean University, Famagusta, North Cyprus
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Would an engineer criticize a theatric performance or use social psychology in his/her decision process? Or would an anthropologist be inspired by quantum physics or arithmetical theorems in cultural analyses? As a response, leading universities established courses to level the undergraduate students in arts, humanities and sciences. Initiated mostly by the privately founded universities, the university-wide courses have entered into the agenda of the higher education system in Turkey. Instead of the traditional approach confining the students’ conceptions and skills within the limits of his/her discipline, the new methodology enables them to collaborate in different levels or to learn from each other.

Following the new approach in higher education, Abdullah Gül University (AGU) established its goals to mature students as world citizens who are equipped with professional and non-professional abilities and who have multifaceted skills enabling them to monitor the world in a larger perspective.  As an integral part of this approach, AGU settled global issues at the core of its mission statement and defined them as the principal element of its educational approach.  Here, global issues are the phenomena proposed by the international organizations like the United Nations, to define contemporary worldwide problems threatening the future of the life on earth and the current state of humankind: urbanization, peace, environment, health & food, sustainability, economic growth, democratic order and population. AGU appropriates them as the profound basis where the students have the challenge by developing new ideas and proposing individual and group projects throughout their undergraduate education.  In this context, AGU architecture program firmly states “due to flexible nature of architectural education; it is possible to reshape the architectural education as a new model focusing on the global issues”. Some of these global issues are directly related to architecture like urbanization, environment or sustainability and it may be argued that existing programs deal with them. However, other issues such as world peace, food & health problems, economic growth, democratic order or population problems, it becomes a striving challenge to incorporate them into the core architectural program.

UIAE Programme



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